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Do you have an app to download?

Please delete the old app.

Our new website has been optimised for mobile phone use (From Oct 2021). You can create a Bodhi & Ride 'app' that is linked to the website and will appear on your home screen. Follow the easy steps outlined here .

Simply go to the page on our website you're most likely to visit (we reccomend and follow the steps linked above on your mobile device.

Please contact us via the chat button if you need help or ask our team at the studio!


How should I prepare for the RIDE?

Drink lots of water before the class and BYO water bottle. Good hydration is key to any workout! Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a change of clothes if you are taking a shower after class.

Sweat towels are free if you're on our Welcome Offer. Otherwise they are $1.

Do I need my own shoes?

We provide cleated shoes to wear during class. We use cleated shoes because they allow for greater stability and therefore a more productive workout. You can BYO, but please make sure they are SPD MTB compatible (we use mountain bike cleats).
Please note that there is a $3 rent fee for cleated shoes when attending via ClassPass.

Am I fit enough to RIDE?

We believe that every-body can take any of our All-Level classes regardless of their fitness level. Our RIDE XTREME classes should only be attended by regular, experienced riders. We ask that you tell us about any health issues that you may have when you get to the studio, such as sensitivity to flashing lights (we use strobe lights), breathing difficulties such as Asthma (we use candles), and any injuries you may have, as well as being pregnant.

Is the Ride Chamber loud?

Our Ride Chamber is loud, but safe for your ears. If you are sensitive to loud noises, we offer earplugs at our front counter and in the Ride Chamber for free.

Will you help me set up my bike?

Absolutely! Our Instructors and Front of House team will teach you how to set up your bike. If you have any questions about your bike, please don’t hesitate to ask us – that’s what our incredible instructors are here for. New riders are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes early to ensure you have enough time to be set up properly.

Can I take photos?

YES – work it! Feel free to take photos, however we do not allow mobile phones inside the studio during class! This is the time to zone-out and disconnect from your text message and instagram newsfeed!

Tag us @bodhiandride :)


What is Bodhi Strength?

Introducing Bodhi Strength: It’s the workout you need OFF the bike and ON the mat.

With 3 concepts to choose from - BODHI STRENGTH: FULL, UPPER or LOWER BODY, we're here to help you challenge yourself to power up.

What to expect? You’ll ignite your muscles in a 50-minute Full, Upper or Lower Body Strength class featuring a combo of weights, barbells, thera-bands and dynamic body movement for an explosive workout!

There is no ride element in this class.

[CBD Studio only.]

What equipment is used?

For Bodhi Strength

All equipment is provided for you In Studio including: Barbells, Dumbbells, Resistance bands, Step, Mat.

At Home you can use: Dumbbells (medium to heaviest weights possible), resistance band (any).

Can I use my exisiting credits/memberships to book in?

All exisiting Class Pack and Memberships credits are valid for Bodhi Strength unless noted.

You can purchase the following Strength only credits:

Single - Strength/Flow: 1 Strength credit for $20.

Where can I attend these classes?

Currently, Bodhi Strength classes are only on the schedule at our CBD Studio.

When attending the CBD studio, the RIDE chamber is located on the lower floor, the reception area is on the main floor and the STRENGTH studio is located on the upper floor.

Flow (yoga)

What is Flow?

Flow (Yoga) is the perfect way to complement the heart-pumping Ride and Strength classes we’re known for. It is a welcoming home for any Yogi wanting to experience the grounding calm of yoga practice, with a focus on breath and control to create a balanced body and mind.

Enjoy strong, mat-based positions and find your chill while deep house and trance music set the scene. We have everything you need to feel empowered and energised inside and out.

60 min class.

[Brunswick and CBD Studio only.]

What equipment is used?

We provide mats and blocks but you're welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Please note that we're unable to offer mat storage on site.

Is Bodhi Flow / Recover suitable for beginners?

Yes - the classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced yogis.

I'm pregnant, can I attend a Flow / Recover class?

We reccomend you consult with a medical practitioner even if you practice yoga regularly.

Please email so we can provide advice based on the specific class you wish to attend as some are more suitable than others.

Can I use my exisiting credits/memberships to book in?

All exisiting Class Pack and Memberships credits are valid for Bodhi Flow unless noted.

You can purchase the following Flow only credits:

Single - Strength/Flow: 1 Strength credit for $20.

Where can I attend these classes?

Currently, Bodhi Flow classes are only on the schedule at our CBD Studio.

When attending the CBD studio, the RIDE chamber is located on the lower floor, the reception area is on the main floor and the FLOW studio is located on the upper floor.


How do I book in?

To book, all you need to do is:
a) Create an account.
b) Click on 'buy' to purchase class credits and view our pricing options.
c) Click on 'book' or 'schedule' to select the studio, class, and time you want to attend.
d) Select your spot and book in. (Please note that our system automatically selects a bike for you, so make sure to unselect it and choose your preferred bike.)

You will receive an email with your purchase and booking confirmation.

What time should I arrive?

Newbies must arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the class for an induction. This ensures you have enough time to check in, become familiar with the studio and set up your bike / equipment to ensure a KILLER (and safe) class with us!

All other tribe members must be checked in AT LEAST 5 minutes before the class to be allowed in.  We sometimes lock the door to the studio for the duration of the class, so arriving early is important.

It’s my first time. What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive at the studio, head to our reception desk. Our friendly team will introduce themselves, check you in and show you around our facilities.

We will give you shoes (for RIDE) and a towel (free on our Welcome Offer, otherwise $1), inform you of your spot number and set you up.

At this stage, please inform us if you have any medical issues or injuries we should be aware of.

*There is a QR cods at reception

1) For first timers.

2) For buddies who have not yet created an account.

I’ve never been to Bodhi & Ride before. Do I need to book in?

Yes. A lot of our classes get booked up quickly, so we ask that you pre-book your RIDE or Bodhi Plus (strength) class online.

I've signed up, can I just show up?

You can. However, we can't guarantee a spot will be available once you arrive.

Are spots allocated in the class or can I choose my spot upon arrival?

The spot number you select when booking into a class is the spot you will be allocated upon arrival. (When we are at limited capacity due to Covid-19 government regulations, this may change.)

Can I change my spot selection/allocation?

The only way to change your spot is to cancel out of a class and rebook into the class and select your preferred spot. If there are free bikes or mats when you arrive, our FOH team can move you upon request.

Please keep in mind that our 12 hour cancellation policy still applies. So if you're wanting to change spots within that time frame, please contact us or wait until you arrive at the studio.

How does the waitlist work?

When you add yourself to a class waitlist, you'll receive an email confirming your spot on the waitlist.

If a spot becomes available, you'll receive an email and automatically be added into the class.*

*Exceptions: If a spot becomes available with less than 3 hours to go before class start time or between the hours of 10pm and 6am, we understand that you may no longer be able to make it due to short notice or being asleep. Therefore, you'll instead receive an email to let you know a spot is available and you'll have the choice to manually book yourself into the class.


What types of memberships do you offer?

We offer monthly memberships to our Tribe, which gives you 5, 8 or 30 credits to use each month (with the option to top up at a reduced rate if required). There is also a Student Membership option with 10 credits to use per month.

In addition, we offer a Bodhi at Home membership which gives access to our on demand content (with the option to hire a bike to use at home)

If you come to Bodhi frequently, a membership is always the most economical option to workout with us. A membership will further give you access to additional membership perks (such as booking your bike ahead of time).

The buy page on our website sets out the different membership options in more detail as well as the perks that come with each membership.

Do you offer Student Memberships?

Yes we do, we have a special membership just for students, which is available on our website and in studios.

In order for you to qualify for a student membership we would need to receive a copy of your student ID (via email at

The offer only applies to local school, college or under-graduate students based in Melbourne, Australia.

If you are a student the following terms of your membership are slightly different due to the affordable membership option on offer to you i.e.: your Minimum Commitment Term will be higher at 6 months.

What is the process for signing up to a membership?

Once you have read through the different membership options on our website and are ready to sign up as a member you can either do so in one of our studios or buy your membership online (via our buy page).

Please make sure to read through the T&Cs beforehand as you will be bound by the terms included therein from the moment of purchasing the membership.

We will send you a copy of the T&Cs on email as well so you can keep them on file.

When will my membership terminate?

Your Membership will continue for an indefinite time unless you cancel it, which is only possible after the minimum commitment period has ended.

Please see our cancellation and minimum term FAQs below for more information on our cancellation and minimum commitment period policy.

What is the minimum term for my membership?

  • The minimum term for standard memberships is 3 months.
  • The minimum term for student memberships is 6 months.

If you decide to change your membership at any point in time your minimum term will start again (please refer to the FAQ on change of memberships for further details).

How do I cancel my Membership?

Upon purchasing your membership you will be committed to a 3 months minimum term, unless purchasing a student membership which will be 6 months.

After your third membership payment (or sixth payment for a student membership), you can cancel your membership at any time by filling in the membership cancellation form. Notice period applies.

Click HERE for the membership cancellation form.

Please note that our customer service team will reply to you within 48 hours of the form being filled out. If all information has been correctly received the cancellation will take effect from the next billing date taking into account a 2 weeks notice period upon receipt of the membership cancellation form. 

As a further clarification, we require 14 working days notice for a membership cancellation. If your next billing date falls within these 14 days, your membership will be renewed and canceled at the one following. The 2 week notice period is required for us to be able to finalise the administration that goes into canceling your membership.

How will I be charged for my membership?

Payment for your membership is taken monthly in advance by billing the credit card saved to your account. You will need to have a valid credit card on your account to enable payment to be taken. Please make sure your card details are up to date and you have sufficient funds on your account as you are charged a $10 administration fee per transaction in case the card payment fails. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept bank direct debit or bank deposits for our memberships. Please be aware that once payment has been taken, we will be unable to issue refunds to you.

Can I start my membership at a date in the future?

Yes you can. You can select a start date of the membership in the future. Just be aware that you will only be able to book in classes from that date onwards and upon receipt of the membership payment.

When can I start using my membership credits?

This depends on whether you have selected to start your membership from the date you sign up or at a date in the future. The process is as follows: upon signing up for a membership with us, the first membership payment is taken from your credit card at the date you selected the membership to start. 

When your payment has successfully been made, your allocated credits (depending on which membership you have selected) are automatically put into your account. 

You will then be able to book your classes with us 2 weeks in advance (instead of the week advance bookings Class Packs get). This process repeats itself each month so your credits refill each month upon payment being processed.

What is a membership cycle and how are my credits accounted for on a monthly basis?

Membership credits from a current billing cycle cannot be used for a booking outside of the current cycle.

If you choose to book ahead into classes outside of your current billing cycle, the membership credits would be deducted from that future cycle. For example, if your current cycle runs from 1 November until 1 December and on the 18th of November you book into a class for December 5, a membership credit would be deducted from the billing cycle that runs between 1 December to 1 January.

What if I don't have enough credits for a month or my credits are running low?

If it turns out you don't have enough credits in a certain month, we offer you top up credits at a discounted rate as you are on a membership with us. 

Can I take unused credits to the next month?

Membership credits can only be used for that specific billing cycle (please refer to the FAQ above regarding Membership cycles.

When do my membership credits expire?

Membership credits must be used for classes taking place within your current billing period/month and cannot be rolled over to future billing periods/months.

If you have purchased an exclusive discounted membership top-up credit, the expiry date will be 30 days from purchase of that top up credits.

Can I transfer credits to a friend who is also a member or to another account of mine?

Membership credits are personal to you and cannot be transferred between accounts or to anyone else.

What is your membership pausing policy?

We understand that you might want to pause your membership when you go on holiday, have a work trip or are working through an injury. We therefore allow you to pause your membership for one month at a time, in line with your billing period. 

The following conditions apply to our pause policy: a) there is a limit of up to 4 pauses per rolling 12 month period, b) you will not be able to pause your membership for two consecutive months, c) when you pause your membership, you will not be billed for that month and will not have credits dropped into your account, d) you can still take classes by purchasing discounted top-up credits, e) pausing a membership during the Minimum Term (please refer to FAQ [X]) will result in extension of the Minimum Term by the period the membership has been paused, and f) you will not be able to cancel your membership once you have paused it.

In order to pause your membership, you will need to:

  • submit the membership pause request form HERE.
  • once submitted, we will respond to your pause request within 2 working days to ensure you know we have received it. 
  • we will then action your pause request within 2 working days upon the complete form being submitted and us confirming receipt of your pause request; and
  • you will receive an email from us confirming that your pause has been actioned on the requested pause start date.

Unfortunately we are not able to pause at Home Memberships because of system limitations.

Please note that once a membership is paused, we are unable to make any changes to its pause length or unpause it.

I'm on a Membership and have fallen pregnant or injured myself and cannot attend classes for an extended period of time.

Upon receiving a doctors certificate, we may, at our discretion, process a longer pause for your membership once the minimum commitment period has ended.

How many spaces can I book per class using my membership?

With your membership, you can book up to 1 space in any class.

You do have the option to bring a friend every month on your Membership. Please email

What does Early Access Booking mean?

As you are on a membership with us, you will be able to book your favourite bike ahead of the crowd.

Members generally get to book into their classes up to 7 days in advance whereas members get a 14 day window to advance book into classes.

Early Access Booking only applies to Membership purchased after November 10, 2023.

Will I get free towels with my membership?

We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and washing towels uses a lot of energy and fresh water.

We have therefore decided we will no longer include complimentary sweat towels in our new memberships and encourage you to bring your own. Sweat towels will continue to be available for hire at the studio at a small cost of $1, and shower towels are $2 each for hire.

New Memberships refer to Memberships purchased after 10 November 2023.

Are cycling shoes included in the membership?

You will get free cycling shoes that you can use during your ride classes with us. We have your shoe size on file and shoes will be waiting for you in studio upon checking into your ‘ride’ classes.

Which studios can I book classes at with my membership?

Your membership allows you to book into classes across all concepts and all studios.

I have an older membership which is currently not offered on the website anymore.

In the past we have offered different types of memberships. If you have an older membership with us, we will of course honour this membership with you.

However if you would like to change this membership to a current membership which suits you more this is possible.

Please refer to the FAQ below on membership changes.

Can I change my current membership?

Yes! Upgrade or downgrade whenever you like. If you would like to switch your membership with us, please submit the following form HERE.

Please note that the following conditions apply to membership changes:

  • We require at least 2 working days notice upon receiving the form to switch your membership to process your membership change request; 
  • Membership changes would only be allowed once during the lifespan of your membership with us; 
  • A $10 administration fee would apply for the membership changes made;
  • The minimum commitment of the changed membership will re-apply after your membership has been switched to the new one; and 
  • The changed membership will start from the next billing month upon the form being submitted.

If I switch my Membership during Black Friday sales, do I get 40% off my first month's payment?

Our special offer of 40% off your first Membership payment is only valid if:

1) You are signing up to a Membership for the first time.


2) If you are upgrading your membership. Upgrade = switching to a Membership of higher value ($) per month.

How do I bring a friend for free?

On new Memberships (purchased after 10 November 2023) you can bring a friend for free.

Bodhi 5, Bodhi 8, Bodhi Student Memberships: Once per month.

Bodhi Unlimited Membership: Twice per month.

Please fill in the 'Bring a friend for free' form HERE.

Please note:

1) Your friend must create an account with us prior to you submitting this form.

2) We require 48 hours notice to book your friend in for free.

3) Your friend can only be booked into the same class you are also attending.

4) If your friend can't attend the class, you need to let us know at least 12 hours prior to the start of the class as we may otherwise have to charge a no show or late cancel fee for your friend's booking.


Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial class but we do have a ‘Welcome Offer’ which is best value.

3 Classes for only $50.

Once you start your Welcome Offer we'll send you a $50 discount code for a future purchase!

Visit our pricing page (click 'buy') for all pricing options or visit our 'First Timers' page for more first timer info.

Do classes expire?

If you are on Welcome Offer or Class Pack, the credits have an expiry date.

You can check expiry dates and view your active, used and expired credits by doing the following:
1. Log into your account
2. Go to My Account
3. Go to My Credits

Please note that the credit expiry date are counted from date of purchase,

What's included in my Class Pack purchase?

Your credits are valid across all of our studios and classes.

Cycle shoe hire: Free

Sweat towel hire: $1


What is your refund & cancellation policy?

We are unable to refund classes if you fail to show up to a class you’ve booked.

However, in the event that you cancel out of a class outside of our cancellation policy of 12 hours, we will put the class credit back on to your account.

If you don't cancel your booking at least 12 hours prior to class start time or fail to show up to a class, a $20 late cancellation / no-show fee applies for the following cases:

- Anyone on an Unlimited membership booked into Ride, Strength or Flow.

- Anyone on a Tribe Fest or Wellness Week Pack booked into Ride, Strength or Flow.

- All Strength or Flow bookings, whether on a Membership or Class Pack.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you are unable to attend and would like the credit returned to your account, you must cancel out at least 12 hours before the class start time by following these steps:

1. Log into your account
2. Go to My Account
3. View your upcoming bookings
4. Cancel yourself out

If it's within 12 hours, we ask that you still cancel yourself out so that those on the waitlist are notified of an available spot and have a chance to SWEAT.


I see that some classes have different names/themes, what is this about?

We like to keep things interesting, and theme RIDES are just one of the many ways to keep our RIDERS challenged and always excited to clip in. Each month, we add a special theme to a selection of our RIDES across our three studios. It could be anything from a Beyonce-themed RIDE, Queens of pop, RnB vibes, Old School Rock, EDM rides or Rap vs Reggaeton or a Justin Bieber RIDE. Got a brilliant idea for a theme RIDE? Reach out to us on Instagram (our DMs are ALWAYS open) or email

Is there someone to look after my dog while I work out?

We absolutely love it when our tribe bring in a furry friend! We are happy to take care of your dog while you're at the studio but please make sure to let us know in advance so we can ensure there is a team member available to do so.

I forgot my water and/or towel, do you provide this?

If you've booked through our website, we provide cycle shoe free of charge.

Sweat towel hire is $1 except for those on our Welcome Offer or OLD Memberships (purchased before Nov 2023).

You can purchase a bottle of water for $4.

Shower towels have a $2 fee.

If you've booked via Classpass, cycle shoe hire is $3.50 and sweat towel hire is $1.

Do you have lockers?

Yes! We have lockers at each of our studios so that you can store and lock your belongings. Just remember to keep the key with you!

What amenities do you offer?

We have change rooms, showers, bathrooms and lockers. We have hair dryers and straighteners as well as any hair, beauty and sanitary products you may need to ensure you have the best experience in our studios.
Please note that shower towels have a $2 rent fee.

Do you only have studios in Melbourne?

We currently have 4 x studios in Melbourne (Brunswick, CBD, Port Melbourne and South Yarra).

All studios offer RIDE classes. The CBD and Brunswick studios offer Bodhi Strength and Flow Classes.

Both Ride and Strength classes can be viewed on-demand. Visit our At Home page for more info.

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