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The Bodhi Method: An empowering, transformative fitness experience. Top instructors, intense workouts, deep connections.

Unleash your potential in a Ride, Strength or Yoga class. Don't wait any longer— embark on your Bodhi & Ride journey with us.

Intro Offers

Three ways to sweat


Our RIDE Method utilises High Intensity Cardio Training. 45 minutes on the bike will push you with fast choreography to spike the heart rate, epic climbs for maximum resistance, dedicated upper body tracks for a full body burn, light jogs to pull it back when needed and a moment of mindfulness - our signature Bodhi Track.


In 50 minutes, you’ll lift heavy while improving muscular strength, posture and mobility! Allow our instructors to safely guide you through a combination of weighted exercises, that will help you lift weights with confidence so you can get. those. gains.


A 60 minute Power Yoga class is the perfect complement to the heart-pumping Ride and Strength classes we’re known for. A welcoming home for any Yogi wanting to experience the grounding calm of yoga practice, we focus on breath and control to create a balanced body and mind.

Getting Started

Ride info

Click here.

(First time riding with us? Then click here to watch videos about bike set up and what to expect in a RIDE. Let your Bodhi & Ride journey begin!)

Strength info

Flow info


Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial class but we do have a ‘Welcome Offer’ which is best value and exclusive to First Timers.


- NEW + LOCAL RESIDENTS ONLY! Proof of Victorian residence may be requested.

- 4 classes. 21 days expiry. Only $60. (usually $33/class).

- Valid at any studio for RideStrength and Yoga classes.


- 1 x $10 Buddy credit* to bring along a friend to 1 of your 3 classes (visible on 'buy' page for 21 days of Welcome Offer only).

- Sign up to a Membership and receive an ongoing 10% discount for your chosen Membership.

Complimentary 1:1 intro with a member of our team to learn Ride, Strength or Flow basics. (optional, email to book in).

Visit our pricing page for all pricing options

How do I book in?

To book, all you need to do is:
a) Create an account.
b) Click on 'buy' to purchase class credits and view our pricing options.
c) Click on 'book' or 'schedule' to select the studio, class, and time you want to attend.
d) Select your spot and book in.

Where are you located?

We currently have 3 x studios in Melbourne (CBD, Port Melbourne and South Yarra).

Our Brunswick studio is opening very soon!

All studios offer RIDE classes. The CBD and Brunswick studios offer Bodhi Strength and Flow Classes.

Both RIDE and Strength classes can also be viewed on-demand. Visit our At Home page for more info.

What amenities do you offer?

We have change rooms, showers, bathrooms and lockers. We have hair dryers and straighteners as well as any hair, beauty and sanitary products you may need to ensure you have the best experience in our studios.
Please note that shower towels have a $2 rent fee.

In Studio

High-energy, full-body workouts that connect the mind and body, led by Australia's best fitness instructors. One-of-a-kind-playlists, high-end bikes + equipment and state-of-the-art sound and light equipment. A community to uplift and support you along the way. Step into the studio and have an experience like no other.

Bodhi at Home

Working from home is the new normal, and with that comes the added convenience and safety to workout when-ever it suits you. We’re now offering our famous classes in a convenient video-on-demand service, which we call Bodhi at Home.


"If you're looking for a great workout, I can't recommend Bodhi enough.

...This space has given me the chance to meet amazing people with an atmosphere that encourages everyone.

Gyms and classes can often feel intimidating, in my fitness journey, I've often gone places that left me feeling like I'm not good enough to be there.
Not here.

"At Bodhi and Ride I feel like I can smash a ride, or even slog through one and still feel like part of a group, trying my best and succeeding or failing." - Gabriel


"Love this place! Great space, friendly, welcoming staff, energetic & exciting classes.

Highly recommend if you’re looking to try Spin and/ or if you’re experienced- the staff will make you feel very welcome and the facilities have everything you need (towels, shoes, etc)." - Karen


I’ve been attending Bodhi and Ride Spinning classes for a while now and am doing my second challenge with them. The studios are so beautiful and always super clean. The instructors are really supportive and motivating and know everyone by name.

I love when the lights go out and the beat kicks in and it’s just you on your bike with your intention set for the next 45 minutes.

I tried the strength class for the first time today and loved it... I love the new space upstairs in CBD. The class was quite challenging but there was opportunity to rest and the instructors always encourage everyone to work to their own abilities.

I have nothing but good things to say about Bodhi and Ride. I’m excited to visit there everytime I go and always leave feeling better than I did going in. There really is power in being part of a community 🙏🏾" - Niamh

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