What’s it all about?

Challenge your body. Enlighten your mind. RIDE & SHRED. This is Bodhi & Ride.

Located in Port Melbourne and in Melbourne’s CBD, Bodhi & Ride has 2 x premium boutique wellness studios providing a modern and innovative twist to cater for an urban Melbourne lifestyle.

Offering unique, fun and immersive RIDE classes designed to challenge you physically and replenish you mentally, the Bodhi & Ride ethos is to provide a welcoming sanctuary from the outside world for all fitness levels.


Bodhi & Ride is a revolution in the Australian boutique fitness industry combining immersion in a nightclub environment with fitness for a whole body and mind cardio workout that’s fun and effective.

A typical RIDE class burns 400-600 calories, and  is set in our RIDE CHAMBER: high-tech bikes, nightclub lighting and music intensity,  45 minutes DJ-sampled music providing cardio and weight training for upper and lower body. We offer high intensity cardio workouts, interspersed with periods of mindfulness and upper body training.


Vogue called our classes a ‘Disco Cardio Party’, where we take traditional spin classes to a totally new level. We’ve been interviewed by Channel 9, The Project, as well as Channel 9 news.  We got the Real Housewives of Melbourne sweaty and were featured in the Herald Sun and many other publications.

Come and RIDE with us.




416-418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne


8 Goldie Place, Melbourne

Summer Body Blitz Challenge

9 RIDES, 21 days.