20 Feb - 12 March '23. 21 credits. 21 days. $245. [ Early bird $225. code: TRIBEFEST225]


Get excited, Tribe. Feel stronger, fitter AND faster while connecting your mind and body like never before.

Enjoy the private group chats with your 2 x group leaders (instructors), meet new friends in the studio and build a stronger sense of community and more.

With playlists to move to, choreo to sweat to and goals to smash, this is the perfect challenge for new customers and returning challengers. 

- Brunswick leaders: Grant + Alma
- CBD leaders: Andrea + Tez
- Port leaders: Rosa + Tia
- SY leaders: Jess + Caitlin

1. Non members: 21 days. 21 Credits.
Members: Use existing membership with no sign up fee! $5 top ups available for all.

2. Complete min. 15 classes (10 for newbies). Ride, Strength, Flow. 🚴‍♂️ 🏋️🧘🏻‍♀️⚡

3. Meet other like-minded challenge participants.

4. Keep up the momentum for 2023. 🤗

5. Join a private group chat with your studio members and 2 x instructors.

6. Complete other bonus challenges along the way. 🏆

7. Go in the draw for EPIC prizes.

8. Feel stronger than you’ve ever felt. 💪

9. Join VIP challenge sweats. 🎉

10. Be rewarded with merch and enjoy an exclusive post-challenge membership and Class Pack rate. 👀

Want to sign up? Scroll down to purchase the Tribe Fest pack!

The Challenge

Pro Goal: Complete 15+ classes within the 21 days.

Newbie Goal: If you've attended less than 50 classes, your goal is 10+ classes.

Ride, Strength and Flow classes count towards your goal.

Track your progress: There will be a tracking card in studio for you and we'll send you a digital version too.

In addition to your main goal, there will be mini challenges along the way!

How to sign up

NON MEMBERS: You must purchase the $245 (Early Bird $225) Tribe Fest Challenge pack below.

MEMBERS: You must purchase the '$0' Tribe Fest challenge pack so we know that you've signed up.

What is a member? Someone who is on a Membership, with ongoing weekly or monthy billing.

ALL: Once signed up, you will see $5 Tribe Fest top ups availalbe for you to purchase during Tribe Fest.

An email with important information and a form to select your preferred Tribe Group will be sent upon sign up.

Private chats

There will be 4 Groups (CBD, Port & South Yarra).

Upon signing up you'll receive an email with a form to tell us your preferred group.

You'll be added to a private Whatsapp group with other challenge participants and 2 x instructors to keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

Please ensure you have downloaded WhatAapp and have your correct mobile number on your account.

If you don't wish to be added, just let us know in the form.


Each week of Tribe Fest will have a different focus which you'll experience in the weekly Tribe Fest classes.

Week 1: Speed
Week 2: Resistance
Week 3: Endurance

Tribe Fest Finale: At the end of the 21 days, there will be EPIC 60 min Finale classes taught by your 2 group leaders. Finale classes are *exclusive* to challenge participants.

Pausing credits

NON MEMBERS: We will extend your existing credits by 3 weeks. (No need to ask us to do this, we will do it on 20 Feb.)

MEMBERS: Membership will not be paused as you will use your existing memberships (and $5 top ups if needed) to complete Tribe Fest.

Prizes & Rewards

If you complete the goal of 10 or 15 classes in 21 days, you're in the draw to win INCREDIBLE prizes:

- Ultimate Vitadrop & Rocovery Lab Pack
- Red Bull Night Out
- Bodhi & Ride cycle shoes
- 2XU activewear set
- Bodhi Nutrition 3 session pack (see here)

Not the lucky winner? You'll still pick up a goodibe back upon completion and be rewarded with exclusive post-challenge membership and Class Pack rates.

Purchase to Sign Up!

Please note: We have a 12 hour cancellation policy. Tribe Fest late cancellations or no-shows result in a $20 fee.

"A huge thank you to the entire Bodhi team for making the experience so special. Coming into Bodhi it's evident everyone is passionate and goes out of their way to ensure every participant has a great time. This isn't a fitness studio that is driven by money or making people believe they need to look or be a certain way. It's all about the love of the bike. I feel super blessed to be a part of it.” – Rhi

"I absolutely loved Tribe Fest and cannot say enough good things about it. Brilliant classes, instructors, music and themes.” – A-Lo

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