Welcome to the collaborative hub of Bodhi & Ride! We thrive on the power of collaboration, igniting excitement with like-minded brands and individuals.

Together, we'll craft immersive experiences that captivate audiences, spark innovation, and reach new horizons. If you're ready to soar to new heights, Let's chat and turn your visions into reality

2XU x Bodhi

A dynamic multi-layered collaboration featuring exclusive co-branded active wear throughout the year for both instructors and our vibrant community.

Tissot x Bodhi

Tissot turned our studio into a Tour de France hotspot, with pedal-pushing excitement that had everyone buzzing!

LEKKER Bikes x Bodhi

LEKKER took over the studio for their "Ride Now, Cruise Later" campaign, even whipping up a sleek Bodhi ebike for the occasion!

The Prince Hotel x Bodhi

Discover More Fun

We've partied with hotels, brands, charities, and even broadcasters, injecting sparks of creativity into every collaboration. There's no limit to what we can dream up together! Drop us a line to start brainstorming or to dive into our past adventures. And yes, we'll treat you to a Bodhi Ride class to get those creative juices flowing!


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