TRIBE FEST challenge

26 April - 16 May 2022. Unlimited classes. $229.


Get excited, Tribe. Feel stronger, fitter AND faster while connecting your mind and body like never before.

Enjoy the private group chats with your Tribe leader, meet new friends in the studio and build a stronger sense of community and more.

With playlists to move to, choreo to sweat to and goals to smash, this is the perfect challenge for new customers and returning Tribe Fest challengers.

1. 21 days. 21 credits valid for Ride + Strength. 🚴‍♂️ 🏋️
2. Complete min. 15 classes (10 for newbies). ⚡
3. Meet other like-minded Tribe challenge members.
4. Keep up the momentum for 2022. 🤗
5. Join a private group chat with your Tribe leaders.
6. Complete other bonus challenges along the way. 🏆
7. Go in the draw for EPIC prizes.
8. Feel stronger than you’ve ever felt. 💪
9. Join VIP Tribe sweats. 🎉
10. Be rewarded with merch and enjoy an exclusive post-challenge membership and Class Pack rate. 👀

Want to sign up? Scroll down to purchase the Tribe Fest pack!

The Challenge

Pro Goal: Complete 15+ classes within the 21 days.

Newbie Goal: If you've attended less than 50 classes, your goal is 10+ classes.

Both Ride and Strength classes count towards your goal.

Track your progress: There will be a tracking card in studio for you and we'll send you a digital version too.

In addition to your main goal, there will be mini challenges along the way!

Tribe Groups

There will be 3 Tribe Groups (CBD, Port & South Yarra).

Upon signing up you'll receive an email with a form to tell us your preferred group.

You'll be added to a private Whatsapp group with your Tribe and Tribe leaders to keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

Please ensure you have downloaded WhatAapp and have your correct mobile number on your account.

If you don't wish to be added, just let us know in the form.


Each week of Tribe Fest will have a different focus which you'll experience in the weekly Tribe Rides.

Week 1: Speed
Week 2: Resistance
Week 3: Endurance

Tribe Fest Finale: At the end of Tribe Fest, there will be EPIC 60 min Tribe Fest Finale classes taught by your 2 Tribe Leaders. Finale classes are *exclusive* to Tribe Fest participants.

Attending Bodhi Strength? Don't worry, you'll be challenged here too..!

Prizes & Rewards

If you complete your goal, you'll go in the draw to win INCREDIBLE prizes. There will be a prize per group including a stay at the Prince Hotel, a 21 day unlimited yoga voucher at Radiant Sol and a voucher for Ritual Bio Hacking because we believe recovery is key. 🧘🏽‍♂️

Not the lucky winner? You'll still pick up some prizes along the way and be rewarded with exclusive post-challenge membership and Class Pack rates.


When Tribe Fest in full swing, there will be hot competition for classes so if you purchase the Tribe Fest pack, you'll have access to a 2 week extended booking period.

What a WIN!


Don't be shy!

Email or chat to us via the 'chat' button on our website. We're here to help!

Sign up and Purchase!

* Signing up to Tribe Fest is done by purchasing the Tribe Fest Class Pack.
* Upon signing up you will receive a form via email where you can select which Tribe to join (CBD, Port or South Yarra).
* Your current Class Pack or membership will be paused for the duration of Tribe Fest so you do not lose any existing credits (26 April - 16 May 2022).

"For me, TRIBEFEST brought us all together to ride as one. Whatever our own intentions were, we achieved them together. The energy and strength of each of us was electric. All made possible with our awesome Tribe leaders, motivating us physically and mentally every time we clipped in." - Jordan

“The best thing about Tribe Fest was establishing a little crew/family. We now hold each other accountable and it’s so much better having familiar friendly faces to ride with. I even somehow managed to ‘enjoy’ the fact that I couldn’t walk for like the entire time.” – Sas

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