You’ll always remember

Your first ride

Welcome to the RIDE Chamber.

A dark, safe and immersive studio fitted with a production quality light and sound system and high tech bikes where we RIDE to the beat of the music.

We've revolutionised traditional spin and created an exhilarating full body cardio workout on a bike like no other.

We take things to the next level with our one-of-a-kind class structure. Each RIDE follows our RIDE Method which utilises High Intensity Cardio Training.

Our RIDES push you with fast choreography to spike the heart rate, epic climbs for maximum resistance, dedicated upper body tracks for a full body burn, light jogs to pull it back when needed and a moment of mindfulness - our signature Bodhi Track!

If you’re yet to experience it for yourself, it’s time to get yourself on the bike. Go on… what are you waiting for?! We can’t wait for your Bodhi & Ride journey to begin.

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RIDE45 (All levels)

Our signature Bodhi and Ride RIDE suitable for all levels of RIDERS. RIDE45 gives you 40-45 minutes of High Intensity Cardio Training, speed and climbs and a moment of mindfulness - our signature Bodhi Track! You’ll fire up your core, feel the burn in your legs and with a dedicated weights track you’ll be showing off your biceps and triceps in no time. All of this is set to the beat of the music.

Theme Ride

Who doesn't love a Theme RIDE?

If you see a fun Ride class name like 'Taylor Swift', 'Pop Queens' or '90's Hits' (and much MORE!), this is a themed version of our signature RIDE45 (all levels) suitable for all levels of riders with a little extra *fun*.


RIDE XTREME is a 60 minute advanced Ride class. Described as the ultimate ride, get ready to take your fitness to the next level. 60 minutes of pure sweat, of pure motivation and of pure empowerment. With double weights, extended jogs, killer final sprints and powerful climbs – it might not be easy, but it sure is worth it! Note: RIDE XTREME is not for the faint-hearted (or first time riders).

Ride with the Tribe

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Whether you're after a Class Pack or Membership, there are options for everyone! Click 'view all pricing' to see what suits you. Student? Look out for our student pricing.

First timer? See our Welcome Offer here.

In Studio

High-energy, full-body workouts that connect the mind and body, led by Australia's best fitness instructors. One-of-a-kind-playlists, high-end bikes + equipment and state-of-the-art sound and light equipment. A community to uplift and support you along the way. Step into the studio and have an experience like no other.

Bodhi at Home

Working from home is the new normal, and with that comes the added convenience and safety to workout when-ever it suits you. We’re now offering our famous classes in a convenient video-on-demand service, which we call Bodhi at Home.



Got a Tribe? Take them for a Ride!

With killer playlists, incredible instructors and a club-like atmosphere, this is THE group activity your next girls or guys night needs.

Ideal for Hens', birthdays, events and more, our high energy classes are the perfect way to get moving and grooving with your nearest and dearest.

P.S - get your workplace on board for regular classes and enjoy ongoing, company-wide discounts. What's not to love?

Send us a DM or contact us at if you're interested!


Watch our 'how to' videos!

First time RIDER? Watch our 'how to' videos here to begin your Bodhi & Ride journey.

What to expect before you clip in.

1. Arrive early
New RIDERS, you MUST arrive 20 minutes before class for your introduction to Bodhi & Ride. If you miss this, you will not be permitted to RIDE. Whether you’re a total pro or a complete beginner, the same deal applies if you haven't been to our studios.

2. Drink lots of water
You’re going to sweat. A LOT. So make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand and during the class. 

3. Wear the right gear
Like we said, you’re going to sweat – so wear fitted gym gear so it doesn’t get caught in the pedals (no baggy pants). Make sure you have socks and we’ll give you a pair of cleated spin shoes to ride in. We have change rooms and lockers in all studios if you need to get changed before you RIDE.

*Need to cancel?*
We are unable to refund classes if you fail to show up to a class you’ve booked. However, in the event that you cancel out of a class outside of our cancellation policy of 12 hours, we will put the class credit back on to your account.

If you don't cancel in time, a $20 no show fee applies for unlimited memberships. Those on other memberships or class packs will simply lose the class credit or may also be charged a $20 no show fee.

To cancel your booking:
1. Log into your account
2. Go to My Account
3. View your upcoming bookings
4. Cancel yourself out

What to expect during your first RIDE.

1. High energy and a whole lot of fun
We don’t spin. We RIDE. Our range of classes are a high intensity, energy-filled workout with lots of fast movements and choreography and riding to the beat. It can take some time to pick up the moves – so all you need to focus on for the first class is riding on the beat, listening to the instructor and the rest will fall into place. (Trust the process – it will all be worth it).

2. Water. Weights. Towel.
Bring a water bottle, grab a towel and make sure you have weights before you start the class. Water and a towel can be purchased from reception and if you need them, ear- plugs are available on request (warning: it can get loud in the chamber). You’ll need a set of weights too. These are found on the bike or at the front of the RIDE chamber, but if you’re not sure where to look, the instructor will be there to help you.

What to expect after your first RIDE (also, WELL DONE! You made it!)

1. Give yourself a high five
Hell yeah. You made it! Give yourself a high five, pat on the back and whip your towel in the air because you just completed your first RIDE. Trust us – it gets better and better from here and you’ll soon realise why people become obsessed with Bodhi & Ride.

By the way, each studio has showers and change room facilities too (so you don’t have to drive home sweaty).

2. Drink more water. Again and again.
We keep banging on about drinking water, but it’s SO important, so drink up.

3. Obsessed with Bodhi?
Time to book your next class, tell the world how much you loved riding with us and get ready to get stronger, fitter and faster while connecting your mind to meaningful movement.

4. Rest up.
You deserve it. Don’t be surprised if you feel tired after your first class. Rest up, catch some sleep and get ready to do it all over again.

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