Getting Started!


We take things to the next level with our one-of-a-kind class structure. Each RIDE follows our RIDE Method which utilises High Intensity Cardio Training. Our RIDES push you with fast choreography to spike the heart rate, epic climbs for maximum resistance, dedicated upper body tracks for a full body burn, light jogs to pull it back when needed and a moment of mindfulness - our signature Bodhi Track!

If this is your first time RIDING with us, watch the videos below so that your Bodhi & Ride journey can begin!

Set up your bike: Watch here.

How to clip in and out with cleats: Watch here.

Hand positions and riding with resistance: Watch here.

RIDE on the beat: Watch here.

What is the 'Bodhi' track? Watch here.

Want more information? View our First Timers page and FAQs here.

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