Cancellation Policy

Studio booking cancellation/no show:

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy and a no show policy. 

We are unable to refund classes if you fail to show up to a class you’ve booked.

Cancel out of a class outside of our cancellation policy of 12 hours to have the class credit refunded.

If you don't cancel your booking at least 12 hours prior to class start time, a $20 late cancellation or no show fee applies for the following cases:

- Anyone on an Unlimited membership booked into Ride, Strength or Flow.

- Anyone participant in a challenge (Tribe Fest) booked into Ride, Strength or Flow.

- All Strength or Flow bookings, whether on a Membership or Class Pack. 

All Membership Cancellations:

  • To cancel a membership, go to ‘my account’, select 'manage subscription' and click cancel. From there you will be prompted to contact us and we will be in touch.
  •  Memberships can be cancelled once you have completed the minimum term of commitment by giving us at least 2 weeks notice. 
  • If your next payment is due within that two weeks, you may be entitled to pay that next fee before cancellation can occur.
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