Introducing Flow to Bodhi & Ride, the ultimate way to unite your practice. The result? A holistic yoga offering that caters to everything your body (and mind) needs to thrive in this urban grind. 

Flow is the perfect way to complement the heart-pumping Ride and Strength classes we’re known for. It is a welcoming home for any Yogi wanting to experience the grounding calm of yoga practice, with a focus on breath and control to create a balanced body and mind.

Enjoy strong, mat-based positions and find your chill while deep house and trance music set the scene. With two classes to choose from –Vinyasa-based Bodhi Flow and restorative Bodhi Chill– we have everything you need to feel empowered and energised inside and out.

Connect your body and soul with Bodhi & Ride today. 

[CBD Studio only.]



Bodhi Flow is our Vinyasa style Yoga class and features a series of poses that will leave you feeling warm, balanced, and connected to your breath. All of this is set to an epic soundtrack of deep house and lounge beats for some deep mental connectivity. Expect a dynamic and energising practice with lots of sweat, and finish with one seriously dreamy savasana.


Bodhi Chill is our version of restorative Yoga, consisting of traditional poses held for extended periods of time. Experience deep relaxation in our re-imagined version of Restorative Yoga and find that sweet release of tension in your body and soul. With the added bonus of props such as yoga blocks, hold poses for extended periods of time to restore the body while immersed in a soundtrack of deep house and trance beats.

Balance with Bodhi

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Purchase the unique Bodhi Flow + Strength credit or use your existing Membership or Credits to book in.

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+ Corporate rates.

Perfect for team bonding, stress release and workplace wellbeing.

Need to hit reset? Treat your team to a Flow class at Bodhi & Ride and connect to your breath, collectively. 

Restore harmony, flow and joy to the office with regular yoga classes at Bodhi. Filled with deep stretches and an abundance of Zen, choose from Bodhi Flow or Bodhi Chill depending on your team’s vibe. 

Promote company-wide bonding in a way your work mates will *actually* enjoy, with state-of-the-art studios and experienced instructors to guide you through the deep breath work and strong poses needed to achieve the ultimate work-life balance.

P.S - get your workplace on board for regular classes and enjoy ongoing, company-wide discounts. What's not to love?

Send us a DM or contact us at if you're interested!


What do I need to bring?

We provide mats but you're welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Please note that we're unable to offer mat storage on site.

What should I wear?

Wear clohing that won't restrict your movement. Wearing layers is always a good idea in Melbourne.

Is Bodhi Flow/Chill suitable for beginners?

Yes - the classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced yogis.

Can I use existing credits?

Yes. You may use your existing Membership / Credits or you may purchase the unique 'Single - Strength/Flow credit'. See pricing section above.

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