Flex, sweat, lift, burn

The ultimate hybrid of weight training and beat-based movement that will light a fire in your muscles!

LEVEL UP your body so you can Ride faster and Flow stronger than ever.

In 50 minutes, you’ll lift heavy while improving muscular strength, posture and mobility! Our instructors will safely guide you through a combination of weighted exercises, helping you lift weights with confidence so you can get. those. gains.

Isolate your workout with our muscle group focused classes and find your inner strength!

For Bodhi Strength At Home, click here.


- BURN more calories through a higher percentage of muscle mass when consistently training.

- REDUCE chances of injury whilst riding by improving posture and form.

- IMPROVE musculoskeletal strength needed for both overall RIDE performance and everyday physical functioning.

- ENJOY an inclusive and pumping atmosphere designed to make you feel confident using weights as part of your training.

[Brunswick studio only.]


Bodhi Strength:
Full Body Focus

Craving those full body workouts? We’ve got you covered. Power through 50 minutes of our Bodhi Strength: Full Body classes for a session that will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and better than ever. Ignite your muscles with a combo of weights, barbells, bands and dynamic body movement for an explosive workout!


Our 50-minute Bodhi Strength: Upper Body classes incorporate the use of barbells, weights and dynamic body movements to light a fire in your arms, shoulders and upper back. An added bonus? Regular attendance means you’ll look like a pro when it comes to the dumbbell section of your RIDE!

Bodhi Strength: Lower Body Focus

Our unofficial motto? Never skip leg day. Complement the cardio with our 50-minute Bodhi Strength: Lower Body classes, designed to help you power your way through a RIDE like never before. Resistance bands, jelly legs and pumping tunes guaranteed.

In Studio

High-energy, full-body workouts that connect the mind and body, led by Australia's best fitness instructors. One-of-a-kind-playlists, high-end bikes + equipment and state-of-the-art sound and light equipment. A community to uplift and support you along the way. Step into the studio and have an experience like no other.

Bodhi at Home

Working from home is the new normal, and with that comes the added convenience and safety to workout when-ever it suits you. We’re now offering our famous classes in a convenient video-on-demand service, which we call Bodhi at Home.


What do I need to bring?

We provide all equipment necessary: Barbells, dumbells, resistance bands, step, mat.

What should I wear?

Wear activewear, of course. Shoes are optional as some prefer to do Strength training barefoot.

Is Bodhi Strength suitable for beginners?

Yes - the classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. The instructor will guide you and offer alternative movements depending on your level. Make sure to let the instructor know of any injuries.

Can I use existing credits?

Yes. You may use your existing Membership or Class Pack Credits. Visit our 'Buy' page for all pricing.

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