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Hey {{ first_name }},


This email confirms your RIDE booking has been cancelled and that we have removed you from the following class:


Type: {{ event_type }}
Studio: {{ studio_name }}
Instructor: {{ instructor_first_name }} {{ instructor_last_name }}
Slot: {{ slot }}
Date/Time: {{ event_date }} at {{ event_time }}


The following booking was cancelled at {{ cancelled_at }}


We're sorry to hear you won't be able to RIDE with us.


Hopefully we'll see you in studio again ASAP.



- Our cancellation policy is 12 hours before the class time.

- A $20 no show fee applies for unlimited memberships. Those on other memberships or class packs will simply lose the class credit or may also be charged a $20 no show fee.


You can manage all your bookings on your profile page here: {{ site_url }}/pages/account


Let’s RIDE.
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