Credit & Class Pack Details

Purchased a Credit or Class Pack?

 Your credits will appear as universal credits on your account and universal credits are valid across all studios and all class times (excluding off site classes). 

Universal credits are valid for Ride, Strength and Flow classes. 

Buddy credit: If you've purchased a Buddy credit, it is automatically used when a second booking is made in a class. (If you're on a membership, please email us so we can manually swap the credit to be used.)

With your Class Pack purchase you are now entitled to the following: Free cycle shoe and sweat towel hire with every Ride class and free sweat towel hire and equipment use with every Strength and Flow class. 

Please login to your account to check when your credits expire.

Single Class Credit = expires 30 days after purchase
5 Credit Class Pack = expires 45 days after purchase
10 Credit Class Pack = 90 days after purchase
20 Credit Class Pack - expires 180 days after purchase.

Please read the full terms & conditions  here. 

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