Class Packs and Credits Terms and Conditions


Before you commit to one of our class packs or class credits, please ensure you read the terms and conditions outlined below. Your class pack or credit purchase confirms that you accept the terms and conditions below, and a copy of these will also be linked in an email sent to you upon purchase.  

Class Credit Policy:

When you purchase class credits from Bodhi & Ride, you agree that this credit can only be used by yourself and is not transferable to another member unless you get approval from our team.

Please note that all class packs and credits activate on the day of purchase and are valid for the period as outlined on our pricing page. We are unable to extend the validity of any class credits due to system imitations. 

Welcome Offer (In Studio):

  • $50 for 3 credits that expire 14 days after purchase. 
  • Credits are valid for both Ride and Strength classes.
  • New customers only.
  • You can only purchase this offer once. 
  • Not transferable to other riders. 
  • Offer available for local residents only. International or interstate guests, please book a regular lass pack. 
  • You need to use all 3 credits for yourself.

Additional perks included: 

  • Complimentary induction before your first class to get you across the basics such as bike or equipment set up. We ask that you arrive 20 mins before class time for the induction, to become familiar with the studio and to ensure you are comfortable and ready for your workout. 
  • $10 Buddy credit to bring along a friend to one of your 3 x classes.
    - Buddy credit can only be used by another customer attending the same class as you.
    - Buddy needs to create an account online before attending the class.
    - When you book more than 1 spot in a class, our system will recognise this and one of those spots will be automatically booked using the buddy credit.
  • After completing the Welcome Offer, contact us to get: 10% off the first membership payment (does not include student membership), OR a reduced 5 credit class pack for $99 (usually $150) OR a reduced 10 credit class pack for $199 (usually $260). 

Studio Class Pack and Credit Options

Studio Class Pack and Credits: 

Please note: All credits can be used for both Ride and Strength classes unless specified otherwise. 

  • Single Credit: $33 for 1 credit that expires 30 days after purchase. 
  • Single - strength Credit: $20 for 1 STRENGTH credit that expires 30 days after purchase. (Valid for Strength classes only.) 
  • Welcome Offer - Strength: $50 for 3 STRENGTH credits that expire 14 days after purchase. 1 time purchase only. 
  • Five Pack: $150 for 5 credits that expire 45 days after purchase. 
  • Ten Pack: $260 for 10 credits that expire 90 days after purchase. 
  • Student Single Credit*: $25 for 1 credit that expires 30 days after purchase.
    *Please email a copy of your student ID to so we can update your account as being eligible for student pricing. If you have not sent us a copy of your student ID we may ask to see it at the studio when you check in for a class booked with student pricing. Student pricing is for local students only as we do not accept international student IDs.
  • Fomo Friday: $20 for 1 RIDE credit that expires 30 days after purchase*.
    *Only valid for: Friday 5.30pm rides at participating studios. 
  • Twilight RIDE: $20 for 1 RIDE credit that expires 30 days after purchase*.
    *Only valid for: Sundays 4.30pm rides at participating studios. 
  • Metal Spin Class: $20 for 1 RIDE credit that expires 30 days after purchase*.
    *Only valid at participating studios. 

Bodhi at Home Class Pack and Credit Options:

  • At Home - Pay As You Go: $9.99 to watch 1 Bodhi at Home Ride and Strength classes on demand as many times as you’d  like within 24 hours. Credit expires 24 hours after purchase. 

For full Bodhi at Home Terms & Conditions, see here.

Class Pack and Credit Perks

Studio Class Pack and Credit Perks:

  • Free cycle shoe hire with every Ride class.  
  • Free equipment provided with every Strength class.

Class Access 

  • You can book into any class at any of our 3 studios.
  • Exclusions: Class packs and credits are not valid for workshops and events held at Bodhi & Ride or at outside venues eg.Pop ups or Bodhi Open Air RIDES.
  • Using your credits, you can book up to 3 bikes per class. 
  • Please make sure you do not accidentally book more than one bike as we are unable to refund class credits in that case.

Class Pack and Credit Payments

  • Class Pack and Credit fees are paid upon purchase.
  • The class pack and credits will activate on the day of purchase and not on the first class booked.
  • Payments are processed via direct debit or credit card.
  • A valid card needs to be on file.
  • We are unable to refund any payments made.
  • We may apply taxes, including GST to any charges. Prices and other terms of purchase are subject to change. 

Class Pack and Credit Refunds and Transfers

  •  Your class pack or credits are non refundable and cannot be extended beyond the validity date.
  • If you become injured or change your mind after purchasing a class pack or credit, we cannot offer you a refund, but you can transfer the class pack to a friend or family member. Email to do so. 

Impact on Class Packs and Credits by Pandemic 

  • Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, Bodhi & Ride must follow a COVIDSAFE plan to create a safe environment to minimise the risk of exposure. You agree to abide by these regulations and will disclose if you are presenting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been directed to self isolate for any other reason. Please note that in the event of a studio shutdown, all studio class packs and credits will be automatically suspended and all class packs and credits will be frozen until the studio reopens.
  • Fee increases and change of terms: Bodhi & Ride reserve the right to amend class pack and credit fees and terms at any time during your agreement. Bodhi & Ride will make a reasonable effort to tell you about this at least 14 days beforehand via email. No fee change for terms changes will be implemented unless we receive your consent to such changes via email. 

Studio: Refunds, No Shows and Late Cancellations

  • We have a 12 hour cancellation policy. 
  • We are unable to refund classes if you fail to show up to a class you’ve booked.
  • However, in the event that you cancel out of a class within our cancellation policy (12 hours prior to class start time), we will put the class credit back on to your account. 
  • If you don't cancel in time, a $20 no show fee applies for unlimited memberships. Those on other memberships or class packs will lose the class credit and may also be charged a $20 no show fee.
  • Fees are automatically applied to your account. 

Studio: Rebooking and Class Pack Extensions

  • If you request a credit return within our 12 hour cancellation policy, we can not return the credit but we can rebook you into another class. There is a $5 rebooking fee.
  • If you request a credit or Class Pack extension, there is a $5 credit extension fee per credit. This payment can be deducted from a future class pack purchase at the discretion of the Bodhi & Ride team. 
  • Credit extensions can only be done for a maximum of 2 weeks from when they were due to expire.
  • The rebooking and Class Pack extension option may only be used once per customer. 

Studio: Waitlist Terms 

  • When you add yourself to a class waitlist, you'll receive an email confirming your spot on the waitlist.
  • If a spot becomes available, you'll receive an email and automatically* be added into the class.
  • Exceptions: If a spot becomes available with less than 3 hours to go before class start time or between the hours of 10pm and 6am, we understand that you may no longer be able to make it due to short notice or being asleep. Therefore, you'll instead receive an email to let you know a spot is available and you'll have the choice to manually book yourself into the class.
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