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Are you sick of telling your work mates about how awesome (and hard) the RIDE classes at Bodhi & Ride are? We hear you!

Which is why we’re now offering our TRIBE RIDES for the corporate slickers amongst you

We all know sweatworking is the new drinks-after-work… so why not take it out of the office and into our Ride Chamber for a sweaty session with your work mates?
Any excuse to get away from the desk, and haven’t you always wanted to see sexy Tim from Accounts with sweat dripping down his chiselled chin?

Here’s the details on how to schedule a TRIBE RIDE :


– we’re happy to organise a private TRIBE RIDE class for your team, however, this class would need to take place at a time which doesn’t clash with any of our ‘scheduled’ classes.


– it can be at either of our studios, so take your pick between Port Melbourne or the CBD Studio


– the class will be an ‘INTRO’ (Welcome to the Tribe) class, so very much geared towards people who dont usually RIDE with us. We want this to be fun, and exciting, and just a touch challenging, but definitely not scary or intimidating


– the INTRO class which means 25 min on the bike, followed by a 5 min cool down off the bike. We’ll go through how to set up the bike, how to clip in, how to feel resistance, and how to ride on the beat. Then we put this into action for 3-4 tracks.


– we’ll provide free cycle shoe hire, but you BYO water, sweat towel and socks (or these can be purchased and hired at the studio as well if needed)


So how do you organise this: 


– go and chat to your team. We’ll need a min of 8 people to participate, so they have to be able to commit.

– find out which time is suitable: just check our schedule and then you’ll see when classes usually run. We can set up your private RIDE anytime outside those times, and subject to availability of our instructors

– email us back and let’s lock in a date

– Once we’ve got that locked in, let’s chat about a special music theme, or some other ideas we can come up with to make this a fun event.

For example: how about an RnB Ride or 80’s Throwback (you’ll pick 3 x tracks and we find remixes).


For 8 x people it’s $150, Anybody above that is $15 per person.

All payments need to be made at time of booking and are non refundable. We will issue you with an invoice and  payment needs to be received prior to the class.

We can change the date/time up to 48 hours prior to the RIDE, but TRIBE RIDES are non refundable.


That’s it! Let’s RIDE!



It’s group training with a personalised approach.

Prior to the first session we collect health / injury details of all participants, exercise history and goals to ensure that each class is planned and delivered with every person’s needs in mind. We offer multiple levels of exercise options in class, and modify exercises so that everyone is safe, feels welcome and enjoys being challenged within their own limits. Our stringent processes and dedication to safety and quality are just some of the reasons why you should choose Bodhi & Ride.



Bodhi & Ride is a revolution in the Australian fitness industry, combining a nightclub environment with whole body fitness for an experience that’s fun and effective.

A typical class burns 400-600 calories and is set in our RIDE CHAMBER: 28 bikes, nightclub lighting, 45 minutes of DJ-sampled music, and cardio and weight training for upper and lower body. We offer high-intensity cardio workouts, interspersed with periods of mindfulness and upper body training.

Vogue called our classes a ‘Disco Cardio Party’, where we take traditional spin classes to a totally new level. We’ve been interviewed by Channel 9 and The Project, and we’ve even got the Real Housewives of Melbourne sweaty!



The best part is that it doesn’t take a long time. You come in, sweat hard and then you’re out of here in 45 minutes.

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Basement, 18 Goldie Place, Melbourne 3000


416-418 Bay Street, Port Melbourne


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