Challenge your body. Enlighten your mind. RIDE & SHRED. This is Bodhi & Ride.


Located in Port Melbourne and in Melbourne’s CBD, Bodhi & Ride has 2 x premium boutique wellness studios providing a modern and innovative twist to cater for an urban Melbourne lifestyle.


Offering unique, fun and immersive RIDE classes designed to challenge you physically and replenish you mentally, the Bodhi & Ride ethos is to provide a welcoming sanctuary from the outside world for all fitness levels.

Bodhi & Ride is a revolution in the Australian boutique fitness industry combining immersion in a nightclub environment with fitness for a whole body and mind experience that’s fun and effective.

A typical RIDE class burns 400-600 calories, and  is set in our RIDE CHAMBER: 28 bikes, nightclub lighting and music intensity,  45 minutes DJ-sampled music providing cardio and weight training for upper and lower body. We offer high intensity cardio workouts, interspersed with periods of mindfulness and upper body training.

Vogue called our classes a ‘Disco Cardio Party’, where we take traditional spin classes to a totally new level. We’ve been interviewed by Channel 9, The Project, as well as Channel 9 news.  We got the Real Housewives of Melbourne sweaty and were featured in the Herald Sun and many other publications.


Come and RIDE with us.


Our RIDE class is where everything becomes possible. Where you push through the “I can’ts” and ‘I won’ts’. Where you workout faster, more intense, sweat dripping, zone out, quiet down. This is what transformation looks like.  This is what a full body and mind workout becomes reality. Where you become the best version of yourself.


There’s our RIDE Method, which is based on Science:


The workout itself is designed for efficiency. When we RIDE, we work at higher intensity, but for shorter periods. We’ve designed our class structure on the knowledge that HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.  This isn’t a fitness trend.


And it works. In a RIDE class, you will burn between 250 – 600 calories. Because we offer full-body workouts, you will tone muscles and shred fat. Your metabolism will increase and  thanks to the after-burn effect, you’ll keep burning fat even when you’re in the car on your way home after a class.


Then there’s the Magic that happens when the doors close, lights dim, and music turns up. When we all stop and close our eyes, and take a deep breath. When we set an intention for the RIDE ahead. There’s a palpable energy in the room that pushes you one step further. It’s the soul, body, mind combination that we bring to you. You’ll feel supported, not just by our team, but also by our community.


HIIT stimulates neurons in your brain and endorphins in your body. Our bad-ass tunes and thumping bass pushes you to ride and work harder than you ever thought possible. The signature LED lit studios enable you to lose yourself in the primal endorphin rush. You’ll leave feeling less stressed, happier and with a great sense of achievement.


Come and RIDE with us.



“The best project you’ll ever work on is you.”




“Cycle like no one is watching.”




“You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great!”




“Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”




“You can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on what you love.”




“Good things come to those who sweat.”




You already are, the peace you are looking for. Be still and know that.




“Feel the FEAR and do it anyway!”




“Never live the same day twice.”



Ariel found her passion (some would say obsession) for exercise about 5 years ago, and has been doing at least 2 classes a day every day since! She makes it her mission to do a bit of everything, ranging from sprint training, to boxing, to HIIT to of course – Ride! She grew up performing from the age of 6, and while filming a TV show in 2015, she decided that it was time to place some focus on her other passion in life – health and fitness. Skip ahead a year or so, she completed her certification in group fitness, as well as personal training and nutrition and was ready to spread her love of wellness to the world! While she’s only 22, she is known to be the ultimate Grandma of the group – spending her weekends in bed by 9pm, eating all the vegan foods. However, all of that changes the second she steps inside the Ride Chamber – in other words, if you’re coming to Ari’s class, be prepared to sweat like never before and dance your butt off.


As a busy post-grad student, personal trainer and dance-party goer, Catherine believes the best way to get out of your head is to get into your body.

As a spin-enthusiast training for the zombie apocalypse since the age of 16, Catherine loves nothing more than getting her members lost in the music, and so her 45 minutes class goes by in a flash with playlists featuring Cher to Jay Z, Beyoncé to Bon Jovi. A deep, meaningful and crazy dance party, Catherine’s class inspires riders to find themselves through movement, tap into new strength, and get messy while doing it!

Get ready for hair flicks and some serious attitude.


Caitlin is the energetic fun seeker taking her place up on the bike to bring everyone some funky new moves that are sure to add some flare to your day! Caitlin comes from an active lifestyle with a background in Boxing- when not on the bike you can find her swinging jabs and crosses in the boxing ring! This chick will be sure to push you to you to the edge and won’t let you give up too easily. Be prepared to get down and dirty with her intense beats and watch out for the drop, there’s no turning back from there. You’ll leave her class feeling satisfied and ready to attack the day! Welcome to the team, sporty spice.


Britt is a travel bug who has found her home in Melbourne as a professional dancer and dance teacher. And boy, this girl can dance!

After completing her Diploma in Fitness she wanted to find away to join her two loves, grooving and sweating… then she found BODHI! Join Britt’s classes as a way to let go of your daily stresses, put a smile on your dial and get that booty moving. So clip in, let your heart shine and get ready for a sweaty, but delicious 45 minutes that’s bound to start your day with a bang


Meet Danae, Bodhi & Ride’s new kid on the block and complete rockstar! She is a qualified Dance Instructor, Movement Coach, Actress and Physical Theatre lunatic.

Danae’s classes will burn and you’ll leave drenched but clear. So join her, let’s raise your heart rate and in turn, sculpt that bod for all the right reasons! It’s going to be fast, it’s going to be hot, and we’re all going to get loud! And she’s gonna dance! Oh yes she will!


Hannah brings her smiles and groove all the way from London to Melbourne and boy are you in for some fun times!

Hannah took a flying start into the fitness industry as a formation wingwalker, dancing on the top of bi-planes across Europe. That’s right you heard it correctly! Finding her feet back down on earth again she pursued her passion for all things sweaty starting as personal trainer to the stars in London to running the fitness at a retreat in Portugal. Don’t be fooled by her size she also used to compete as a bodybuilder so get ready for some kick ass weights tracks too!


You might be used to seeing this guy behind the desk, signing you in and spraying down your post ride cleats, however he has been keeping something a secret… This guy is no amateur to the strobe, he originally comes from a dance background, and has qualifications in dance performance & dance teaching. He has been performing professionally in Melbourne for the last 6 years, and now has decided to hang up his pointe’s for some SPD’s. 

He likes it dark and heavy, so clip in, TURN UP that resistance, and get ready to lose yourself in the music.


Kate grew up riding motorbikes, chasing sheep and flying planes in rural Australia but moved to Melbourne to pursue her love of performing! Nicknamed ‘Ever Ready Battery’ by her friends and family, Kates love of performing and being active has seen her become qualified in everything from singing, acting, dancing, presenting and yoga teaching. She finally found her way to ‘Bodhi and Ride’ where she fell in love with the high energy ride style and welcoming, fun loving instructors.

Kate believes wholeheartedly in the importance of leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and wants her classes to be an escape where people can shake off their troubles and push themselves further than they thought possible, both physically and mentally. You may be treated to a one woman show of dancing, singing, laughs and #partyshoulders. Come and join Kate for some sweaty fun and let her take your mind off those burning buns!


Courtney born and bred in Western Australia, brings her dance background and love for fitness to the Bodhi Family! You will be entertained with her singing and dancing in the studio but don’t let that fool you, each class will be fueled by a sweat drenched session whilst listening to your favourite POP and RNB tracks.

Get ready to RIDE!

Bodhi & Ride offers a series of exhilarating, beat-based rides that activates the whole body, the whole time. Each unique class combines calorie burning endurance intervals and weighted sectors with high-energy playlists and rockstar instructors.


‘I haven’t done a spin class for ages. I’ll die’ . ‘I’m so un-coordinated.”. “I’m not fit.” “Spin is boring’.


We hear you. It can look quite intimidating.


Here’s the thing: our classes are not easy-peasy. You’ll definitely work up a sweat, and we’ll challenge you to work harder.


But it’s also fun. Motivating. Exciting. And rewarding. And most of all – you’ll get results if you stick with it for a while.


On your first visit to our studios, please arrive early. We will need some time to get to know you, find you a pair of shoes to wear, and get you set up on the bike.


We’ll supply the cleated shoes. You can BYO  socks, sweat towel, or hire one of ours.


We’ve got all the necessary mod-cons at the studio, so just make sure you book in and arrive early. We cant wait to meet you.


Rhythm RIDE is focused on an optimal cardio class with dynamic & effective movements, awesome music, and amazing motivation. It’s 45-minutes of intense cardio combined with a workout of upper body, core, and lower body work on the bike, while you’re on the rhythm of the beat.


RIDE BASICS (35 min)

A great way to get started. We’ll teach you all you need to know about riding at Bodhi & Ride like how to set up your bike, how to clip in and out, how your body should feel on the bike, and a breakdown of the signature RIDE moves from our RIDE METHOD. We’ll RIDE 4 tracks to provide an introduction to our fun classes, but we’ll take it easier, slower and this will be less intense.


RIDE45 (45 min)

This is our signature RIDE class where our RIDE METHOD comes to life. The pace is faster, the intensity is dialled up, and we’ll challenge you more.

We’ll start with a quick breakdown of the signature RIDE moves from our RIDE METHOD, before we take you on a beat-based RIDE which includes calorie burning endurance intervals, combined with weighted sectors to activate the whole body, the whole time. Expect more varied moves on the bike, taking you deeper physically and spiritually.  There are 2 x weight tracks to tone your upper body even more, and

We recommend that you ride at least 2 RIDE BASICS classes before joining us for Ride45 class.



Our EXPRESS option. It’s a RIDE45 class, which is slightly shorter but no less intense with a shorter cool down at the end of the class.


RIDE & YOGA  (60 min)

30 mins of RIDE BASICS on the bike followed by 30 mins on the yoga mat. This is where we combine the BODHI with the RIDE. Perfect for the time poor who want to get the best of both worlds and have an awesome stretch at the end.




ATHLETE RIDE (45 min) – only in Port Melbourne

BODHI ATHLETE has been designed to improve your athletic performance in a competitive yet supportive setting. With that in mind you can expect endurance intervals designed to make you stronger for longer, hill climbs to improve your threshold and power intervals that will push you to smash any sprint finishes!

Powered by the latest Spivi technology, our scoring system takes each rider on a journey and connects them with a community that love to ride harder and live fitter. Wear a compatible heart rate monitor to get the most athletic output possible.

Please pre-book your bike. Go to and buy a class pack or series, and book your bike online.


If you cant attend the class, you need to cancel out at least 6 hours before the class by logging into your online account and cancelling yourself out. We are unable to refund classes if you fail to show up to a class you’ve booked.


Please arrive at least 15 min before each class. We sometimes lock the doors to our studio, so if you are arriving late, you may not be able to enter the studio.


When you arrive at the studio, please ‘check in’. You’ll see a printout of the class list and your name and bike number listed. Tell us if you have any medical issues we should be aware of.


You can store your belongings in lockers we have at the studio.

We’ll help you set up your bike each. Don’t hesitate to ask us to help if you are unsure about the correct way to set up your bike.


Drinks lots of water before the class and BYO water bottle, or you can purchase water at the studio. Good hydration is key to any workout. There’s a water bottle holder on each bike.


Wear comfortable workout clothes and make sure you bring a change of clothes if you are taking a shower after class.


We provide cleated shoes to wear during class. You can byo, but please make sure they are SPC MTB compatible.


There are earplugs available at the front desk.


We absolutely do not allow mobile phones inside the studio. This is the time to zone-out and disconnect from your text messages and insta–obsession.

Each class finishes with a 3 minute cool down and stretch. Once you are done, we ask that you drop the shoes and towels into our collection bins.


Drink lots and lots of water after each class. Avoid sugary drinks and stay clear of coffee and tea for a while.


Take a pic with your instructor, post it and tag us @bodhiandride. We award the top post each month with a free class.