RHYTHM RIDE Level 1 (45 MIN)

The perfect RIDE class to start building up your cardio fitness, this Level 1 RIDE is designed for our new RIDERS or those seeking a gradual way to improve their strength.
We recommend that all new RIDERS complete a minimum of five Level 1 RIDES in order to familarise themselves with our RIDE training method, basic principles and to build up their cardio fitness.
We’ll cover some of the basics at the start of each class, and we’ll work up a sweat quickly in a fun and non-intimidating way.


RHYTHM RIDE Level 2 (45 MIN)

Turn up the resistance, fire up your core, and grab your weights. This is our Level 2 RHYTHM RIDE class with additional weighted sectors that will sculpt your upper body, build your strength, and take you to the next level. For advanced RIDERS, RHYTHM RIDE Level 2 is where our RHYTHM RIDE Method really comes to life.



Our EXPRESS option. It’s a RIDE45 class, which is slightly shorter but no less intense with a shorter cool down at the end of the class.


RIDE & YOGA (50 min)

25 mins on the bike followed by 25 mins on the yoga mat. This is where we combine the BODHI (Yin) with the RIDE (Yang). Perfect for the time poor who want to get the best of both worlds. Suitable for all levels of RIDERS.


RIDE60 (60 min) 

This is a RIDE class on steroids. We’ll give you 15 extra minutes to MAX out your RIDE. You’ll leave with more inspiration, more sweat, and totally maxed-out physically and mentally.



We bring the (themed) party energy both on and off the bike. A good theme ride involves an awesome play list — think certain decades, movie soundtracks or artist battles. Every (theme) ride is a party and we like to keep things fresh. Check our schedule to see what’s theme rides we’re bringing to life this week.



Take your ride to the next level with your very own personal trainer. With accommodations ranging from one bike to all thirty-six, you can reserve the studio for corporate team building, bridal and birthday parties, or just for you. Expand on our signature class, customize your class down to the last detail.


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