Rhythm RIDE is focused on an optimal cardio spin class with dynamic & effective movements, awesome music, and amazing motivation. It’s 45-minutes of intense cardio combined with a workout of upper body, core, and lower body work on the bike, while you’re on the rhythm of the beat.




WELCOME TO THE TRIBE RIDE is a great way to get started. We’ll teach you all you need to know about riding at Bodhi & Ride like how to set up your bike, how to clip in and out, how your body should feel on the bike, and a breakdown of the signature RIDE moves from our RIDE METHOD. We’ll RIDE 4 tracks to provide an introduction to our fun spin classes, but we’ll take it easier, slower and this will be less intense.


RIDE45 (45 min)


This is our signature RIDE class where our RIDE METHOD comes to life. The pace is faster, the intensity is dialled up, and we’ll challenge you more.


We’ll start with a quick breakdown of the signature RIDE moves from our RIDE METHOD, before we take you on a beat-based RIDE which includes calorie burning endurance intervals, combined with weighted sectors to activate the whole body, the whole time. Expect more varied moves on the bike, taking you deeper physically and spiritually.  There are 2 x weight tracks to tone your upper body even more, and


We recommend that you ride at least 1 WELCOME TO THE TRIBE RIDE spin classes before joining us for Ride45 class.





Our EXPRESS option. It’s a RIDE45 class, which is slightly shorter but no less intense with a shorter cool down at the end of the class.




ATHLETE RIDE (45 min) – only in Port Melbourne



BODHI ATHLETE has been designed to improve your athletic performance in a competitive yet supportive setting. With that in mind, you can expect endurance intervals designed to make you stronger for longer, hill climbs to improve your threshold and power intervals that will push you to smash any sprint finishes!


Powered by the latest Spivi technology, our scoring system takes each rider on a journey and connects them with a community that love to ride harder and live fitter. Wear a compatible heart rate monitor to get the most athletic output possible.

Summer Body Blitz Challenge

9 RIDES, 21 days.