Have you head of Sweatworking!

Good news for those who’ve had to choose between after-work schmoozing over cocktails or sweating through a cardio session: a new hybrid concept called “sweatworking” lets you connect with clients, colleagues, or just have extra fun with your friends while exercising – Let us make it YOUR RIDE!

The studio is yours! Invite guests or book for a group of friends, client events, office parties or any corporate occasion. We’ll even let you create the playlist (Back Street Boys themed class, anyone?), set the scene, decorate the studio (balloons, streamers, but no confetti). You can grab the mic and make announcements, and we can help organise refreshments before or after class.

We can throw in towels so you can all glam up after your sweatworking session.


If you’re just after a group booking, let us get the best bikes in the studio! Reserve bikes in advance of our regular sign-ups for your corporate group or your mates, and let us do the heavy lifting for you!


Whatever it takes. – Let us make it YOUR RIDE!


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