From January 2018 onwards, Bodhi & Ride will be setting up residency at 118 Russell Street, Melbourne. Our underground studio is located below the thumping pulse of Melbourne’s buzzing CBD. Descend the staircase into our underground urban sweat club. Once you enter through the sliding doors, all you need to do is check-in, grab your shoes, and get ready to RIDE.


Your First Visit

If this is your first visit, please pre-book your class if possible. Arrive 20 min before your class to complete necessary forms and so we can find the right shoe size for you and help setup your bike.
Please wear comfortable active-wear. Please cancel a minimum of 6 hours before a class, otherwise you will be charged for your class. You can bring your own towel or hire one for 50c. Bring water – you’ll need it, or you can buy some at the studio.

Cleated Shoes

Cleated shoes are worn by everyone, increasing the connection between the leg and the bike, engaging the hamstrings and glute muscles resulting in lean, toned legs – and a much safer workout. We provide cleated cycle shoes free of charge, or you can bring your own (SPD MTB Cleats only).


Our Amenities

Our CBD Studio has 3 x unisex showers and 2 x toilets. We provide hair dryers and all the mod cons. Hire bath towels for $1.50.

Escape from the urban jungle

‘Bodhi’ represents the introspective, gentle, yin aspect of wellness, while ‘Ride’ refers to the extroverted, yang & immersive intensity. In many ways, Bodhi & Ride brings together the Yin and Yang of urban life.


Ride Chamber

Our CBD RIDE chamber resembles a nightclub, with dimmed lights and candles to create a truely immersive experience. Our bikes are nestled in close to one another, much like a crowded dancefloor, and a DJ-mixed soundtrack create an energetic (and sweaty) fitness experience where riders can find a release in near darkness.

First Ride Class  $20 

(includes free shoe and towel hire and bottled water)