BODHI101 (30 min)

A great way to get started. We’ll teach you all you need to know about riding at Bodhi & Ride like how to set up your bike, how to clip in and out, how your body should feel on the bike, and a breakdown of the signature RIDE moves from our RIDE METHOD. We’ll RIDE 3-4 tracks to provide an introduction to our fun classes.

Please note: attending a Bodhi101 class is totally optional. You do not need to attend a 101 class to RIDE with us. You can book into any class on our schedule for your first RIDE, but we suggest you start with a RIDE Foundation class.


RIDE Foundation (45 min)

We’ll take is slower and easier in our RIDE Foundation classes. We’ll start with a quick breakdown of the signature RIDE moves from our RIDE METHOD before we take you on a beat-based RIDE which includes calorie burning endurance intervals, combined with weighted sectors to activate the whole body, the whole time.

This class type is ideal if you are keen to book into your first class at Bodhi & Ride which goes the full 45 min.


RIDE FIERCE (45 min)

Turn up the resistance, fire up your core, and grab your weights. This is our signature RIDE45 class with additional weighted sectors that will sculpt your upper body, build your strength, and take you to the next level. Expect more varied moves on the bike, taking you deeper physically and spiritually.  There are 2 x weight tracks to tone your upper body even more, and the choreography is faster and more challenging. Ride45 is where our RIDE Method really comes to life.

We recommend that you ride at least 2 RIDE Foundation classes before joining us for Ride45 class.


RIDE & YOGA  (60 min)

30 mins on the bike followed by 30 mins on the yoga mat. This is where we combine the Bodhi with the RIDE. Perfect for the time poor who want to get the best of both worlds and have an awesome stretch at the end.