What to drink after a spin class to recover quicker

What our members have post RIDE for fast recovery

Meet Margie: she’s been RIDING with us since we opened our doors and was selected by our team as the Top RIDER for October. Go Margie !!!

Margie and her husband Gabriel recently launched Goodness Catering, an alternative catering company with a core focus on good wholesome plant based food, so she knows a lot about how to live healthy and nourish your body. If you need any healthy catering options, we strongly suggest you contact them. Their insta looks delicious.

Today she shares with us her favourite post RIDE smoothie recipe. All the ingredients go into a blender, and whoops – 2 min later you’re ready to enjoy pure goodness.


2 cups spinach/ kale
3 cups frozen banana/ pineapple/ mango
1 tbsp vegan protein
1 tsp Macca powder
1 tsp vital greens powder
1 cup almond milk
1 cup coconut water

Enjoy within 30 min after your class.



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