We’re all guilty of gazing at our phones too much: when you’re at work, in bed…. when we exercise.

It is no surprise that your phone is one of the top factors of derailing a workout. Glance around any gym and you’ll see people texting while on the cross-trainer, instragraming next to weights. Paying more attention to their phone then they are well, working out. Every moment your on your phone during a workout, you’re not working out. You’re distracted, you’re not putting in maximum effort, and thats going to waste your time and cost your results in the long run.

It’s simple, we don’t allow phones in the ride chamber for these exact reasons. We want you to connect with the instructor, with the bike you’re riding and most importantly, yourself. Phones take up a large portion of our day. It also important to allow at least an hour each day to ‘you time’. A time each day where you can ‘unplug’. This is what we want you to do as soon as you step into the ride chamber. Unplug, unwind, focus but also enjoy the company of the bike and your fellow riders.

The mere presence of a phone is distracting, so next time you go to bring it into the chamber, think again. Put it away for an hour, stash it in your locker. Allow yourself the ‘you time’ you deserve.

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